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Take Your Game To The Next Level With PGA Golf Coach Stephen Oliver

What Your Golf Game Looks Like

It’s frustrating having another bad day of golf:

  • You hook it

  • You shank it

  • You slice it.

A day off spent in the Townsville weather and a bad scorecard.We know how it feels to play bad golf in North Queensland. We know we can play better, but we just don’t.

It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing.

We end up reminding ourselves how UNFORGIVING the game of golf can be.


What if we could change all that? What if there was a way to IMPROVE our game? Improve the WAY we play. Improve how we THINK about our game of golf?

Introducing Golf Coach Stephen Oliver

With over 30 years of experience in the game, Stephen will mentor your way up into better golf. He will break down the game in key fundamental areas of focus to improve in less time.

Expect Your Handicap Improving
Having Technique On Par With The Professionals
Feeling confident with your game whether it’s on the tee box, fairway or on the green.

Book Your Lesson

Liam Wilson

I had never played golf before, but Stephen made my experience so enjoyable. With his guidance, I quickly fell in love with the sport and am now playing with confidence. I would recommend him to anyone, whether you're a seasoned player looking to improve or a complete beginner like I was.

Clinton Thompson

Stephen has one of the best golfing brains in North Queensland and if you are looking to improve your game, I guarantee that he will definitely improve your golf and help you reach your goals.

Emma Davies

I was hesitant with getting a golf coach, but I wanted to improve my golf game so badly. A friend recommended me Stephen and we got on well. Knowing he knows his stuff makes me sure I'm in good hands helping with everything golf.


Please note that the lesson fee with our coach does not cover the cost of ball and/or club hire. Any fees associated with ball and club hire will be the responsibility of the client and must be paid separately at Pandanus Park Golf Centre.


Pandanus Park Golf Centre, 2 Tompkins Rd, Shaw QLD 4818

0481 295 565

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